Dinner at Dill

Dinner at Dill

at Dill on 3 March 2018
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Dill was established in 2009 by Gunnar Karl Gíslason, situated inside a cultural center, but later changed location as well as head chef. Ragnar Eiriksson took over the baton in 2015. He secured the island’s first (and still only) Michelin star in 2017, before he welcomed Kári Þorsteinsson to take his place the following year.

The cooking style at Dill started out as modern new Nordic, but has since Eiriksson’s reign moved more and more in the direction of rediscovering the old traditions of Icelandic cooking. The core emphasis is on local ingredients and cooking with obscure Northern flavors. That includes a lot of dried fish, and a very special tradition of smoking stuff with animal shit. Apparently invented due to the lack of trees on the island. Dung-smoked, as they call it, butter, lamb, or fish are all commonplace. Lastly, Dill serves only natural wines, which is very much in line with other new Nordic eateries.

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