Lunch at Noma

Lunch at Noma

at Noma on 28 April 2018
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The second big lunch on my recent foodie trip to Copenhagen, where I had 14 of my readers with me, was at Noma 2.0. My third visit in the seafood season, which I'll be the first to admit is a bit silly, but which truly was the best one yet. For the rest of my guests, it was their first time to visit the Refshaleøen version of Noma, although a few of them had visited Noma 1.0 on Strandgade 93. Just to observe their happy faces as they were about to enter, and when they got the fabulous Noma welcome, made it worth for me to take part.

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Noma​ interior details

Broth of Faroese sea snail

Noma's entrance area from the inside

Broth of Faroese sea snail

Razore clams from Norway, venus clams from Denmark, St. John's wort & elderflower jus

The best of the mussel

Strohmeier, Lysegrøn No. 3, Trauben Liebe Und Zeit, Austria

Noma​ interior details

Dried fruits and shrimps

Cured trout roe and egg yolk "starfish"

Noma​ interior details

Jellyfish – squid broth thickened with agar, elderflower, lumpfish roe, and seaweeds

Noma's open kitchen

Norwegian scallops with roe and vegetable fudge

Mahogany clams from Norway

Hard at work

Seafood platter no. 2

Noma​ interior details

Giant oysters from Limfjorden with wood sorrel and flowers

Sea urchin with peeled pumpkin seeds, rose oil, and cream

Sea cucumber

Horse mussel ragout

Noma​ interior details

Squid pasta with seaweed butter

Serving the sea snail salad

Beautiful house-made beeswax bowl with lid

Sea snail salad and dried roses with blackcurrant dusting

Manning the grill!

Condiments, including Nordic spices, horseradish milk, and ants pesto

Head of the cod, glazed and barbecued

Meat from under the eye of the cod, on flatbread with greens

Daniel Sage, Nyctalopie, France

The private dining room

Noma​ exterior details

Not mussels – pear and roasted kelp ice cream

Noma​ seafood season decorations

Cloudberries and pine cones

Plankton cake

Noma's restaurant manager James Spreadbury & head sommelier Mads Kleppe​

Noma​ entrance

From the test kichen – inspiration for the vegetable season