Lunch in the Geranium Inspiration Kitchen

Lunch in the Geranium Inspiration Kitchen

at Geranium on 26 April 2018
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Fourteen of my readers joined me for an epic foodie tour of Copenhagen, flying in from all over the world – Oslo, Bergen, Stockholm, Porto, Houston, and Washington D.C. Restaurant Geranium was our first big lunch, and I had booked the inspiration kitchen where I first fell in love with the cooking of Rasmus Kofoed​ myself. The Universe menu was as spectacular as always, and service as impeccable as only a three-Michelin-starred establishment can provide. The impressiveness of the well-choreographed dance of the staff is only surpassed by their attentiveness, humor, and smiles. We couldn't have been better taken​ care of anywhere else in the world.

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Restaurant Geranium​ inspiration kitchen

Our lovely host. Here showing off her bartender skills

Appletini à la Restaurant Geranium​

Restaurant Geranium​ interior details

Jerusalem artichoke chips and walnut emulsion

Food art in the shape of a leaf, made from Jerusalem artichoke

Lobster & sea buckthorn

Faux razor clam shells with real razor clams & sour cream

Beetroot stones, scallop & horseradish

Our sommelier who even managed to dig out some great natural wines

Creamy & dried trout, smoked juniper butter & juice from cauliflower

One of my favorite bread servings ever, and the best gluten-free bread in the world

Marbled hake, caviar & buttermilk

One of my favorite bread servings ever, and the best gluten-free bread in the world

Juicy, light, and refreshing? Check

Wild spring herbs, pickled onions, smoked egg yolk & melted Vesterhavs cheese

Marianne​ smelling her food

Limfjord oysters, beach plants & smoked cream cheese

Opening the wine medieval-style

Lamb sausage, pickled pine, Jerusalem artichoke & truffle purée

Watching the chefs work

Beetroot, blackcurrant, yogurt & tagetes

Restaurant Geranium​ interior details

Beetroot, blackcurrant, yogurt & tagetes

Beeswax and pollen ice cream, with dried apples & elderberries

Nakted tree – prunes, dark beer & cream with beech wood

Time for petits fours!

Chemex brewing

Pumpkin seed cake, caramel with cloudberry, chocolate with sea buckthorn, rose hip marshmallow & green egg with pine