Dinner at Celler de Can Roca

Dinner at Celler de Can Roca

at El Celler de Can Roca on 6 December 2018
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Can Roca wall @cellercanroca

fondillon alicante 1930 @cellercanroca

Chocolate pulp & lychee & chamomile vinegar & almond milk & raisins & chocolate crisp and brownie @cellercanroca

Domaine Huet Vouvray 'Le Haut Lieu' Moelleux, Loire 1959 @cellercanroca

Fig foam and gelatio & fresh cheese & fennel & honey caramel @cellercanroca

Malus Mama naturally sweet cider 2011 from San Sebastian and it's maker Inaki Otegi @cellercanroca

candied apple @cellercanroca

Weingut Donnhoff Oberhauser Brucke Riesling Eiswein, Nahe 2002 @cellercanroca

Cucumber & cardamom cream & melon granita & apple & fennel & eucalyptus & chartreuse @cellercanroca

Pigeon & mushrooms stew & cacao @cellercanroca

Domaine Charles Joguet Chinon Clos de la Dioterie, Loire 1990 @cellercanroca

Cured duck breast & walnut & smoked orange @cellercanroca

E. Guigal Cote Rotie La Mouline, Rhone 1999 @cellercanroca

Blanquette of suckling pig belly & loin & feet & kimchi @cellercanroca

Domaine Jean Francois Ganevat Cotes du Jura Les Vignes de Mon Pere 2000 @cellercanroca

Grilled eel from delta del ebro & red pepper and garlic with potatoes & saffron oil & nasturtium @cellercanroca

Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Hermitage Blanc, Rhone 1999 @cellercanroca

Hake & garlic and parsley oil & pesto of asparagus and arugula & piparras chile de la parrilla & arugula foam @cellercanroca

Sepia a la brutesca & stew of rabbit and it's kidney @cellercanroca

Clos St hune 1999 & 2004 @cellercanroca

Steamed scorpion fish stuffed w anemone & Catalan fish stew broth @cellercanroca

Steamed whole scorpion fish stuffed with seaweed @cellercanroca

Overnoy, vin jaune 2000 @cellercanroca

Langoustine with artemisa sauce (mushrooms and absinthe cream) & vanilla oil & brown butter @cellercanroca

Gambas de palamos marinaded in rice vinegar & head jus & crispy legs & algae veloute @cellercanroca

Domaine du Collier Saumur Blanc La Charpenterie, Loire 2011 @cellercanroca

Rasin bread & sobrasada brioche @cellercanroca

Cured and golded golden sea bream & rice milk with sake & almond tofu & pickled lychee @cellercanroca

Clemens Busch GG Marienburg Fahrlay & Felsterrasse 2013 @cellercanroca

White truffle and pumpkin / fermented eggplant and blue onion @cellercanroca

Red salad - fig and Grenache grape vinaigrette & celery and purple onion & caramelized watermelon & purple shiso gel & cilantro @cellercanroca

Domaine Francois Raveneau Blanchot, Chablis 1997 @cellercanroca

Truffle with steamed brioche (truffle mayo filling) @cellercanroca

Served w the single vintage 1805 sherry - salsify braised in veal tendon broth with seaweed / coffee and licorice mole / cypress gingseng @cellercanroca

Gonzalez Byass, Trafalgar Sherry 1805 @cellercanroca

Green olive ice cream & black olive tempura @cellercanroca

Berberecho & lemon and fermented pepper air / tuna fin muscle & tomato confit w cassis & ginger @cellercanroca

Weingut Donnhoff Niederhauser Hermannshohle Riesling Grosses Gewachs, NAHE 2004 @cellercanroca

Corn crisp & gamba de palamos head mousse & gamba powder @cellercanroca

Calamari sandwich / calves kidney & sherry / white chocolate sphere of orange and gingseng / bacalao / fried veal and pork and chicken canelon w bottagar and cheese @cellercanroca

Vouette et Sorbee 'Extrait' Extra Brut 2015 @cellercanroca

Seawater jello and caviar @cellercanroca

Thailand - chicken red curry w kaffir lime & salsa & coconut & cilantro / Japan - miso cream ningyo yaki / Turkey - cured lamb stew & cucumber & yogurt & onions and mint / Peru - cold potatoes / Korea - fried pancetta w panko & soy salsa & kimchi & sesame @cellercanroca

Andre Beaufort a Ambonnay Grand Cru Brut 1996 @cellercanroca

cellar w music @cellercanroca

open office hour @cellercanroca