Dinner at Le Calandre

Dinner at Le Calandre

at Le Calandre on 10 November 2018
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Once again mind blowing ⭐️⭐️⭐️ performance with exceptional local produce of the moment presented with excellent flavors, should be on top of everybody’s radar!

10 / 10

The table


The bread

Octopus and shrimp cracker, puff with puttanesca and tempura parmigiana

Crudo dentist fish and avocado

Lobster and tamarind

Sicilian shrimps with radicchio and pomme granate

Soy spaghetti with tuna and almond cream

Crudo veal cracker with caviar and seaweed mayo

Soft boiled egg with tuna belly ice cream topped with gold leaf and white truffle

Fried Venetian soft shell crab with seaweed and mushroom

Ravioli stuffed with liquid coffee and hazelnut cream topped with cuttlefish, oyster, pumpkin seeds and white truffle

Spaghetti in pistachio sauce topped with sea truffle, sea snails, octopus and clams

Crispy lasagna with veal ragout and bechamel stuffings topped with 36 months parmigiano

Red mullet stuffed with lobster and own roe in a broccoli/anchovy sauce

The wine

Warm veal carpaccio with bitter herb, garlic/almond sauce, white truffle and a bit of mash

Spicy 150 days fried chicken with bitter herbs, mushroom and cauliflower

The knife

Mallard with radicchio, chestnut and white truffle


Cola sorbet with citrus medley and popping meringue

Sabayon layered cake

The wolf