Dinner at Le Calandre

Dinner at Le Calandre

at Le Calandre on 22 September 2018
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Fingerlickingly deliciousness at this under the radar 3 star and good as easily be the best fine dining date in Italy these days...wauw just mind blowing!!

10 / 10

The watchdog

The table

The seat

Two kinds of parmigiana

Hot white tea with splash of grappa to cure a soar throat

The glass

The nibbles

Fake oyster of mackerel broth jelly topped with caviar and tuna belly ice cream and bottarga

The start

The wine

Cuttlefish cappuccino in own ink

The mother of all bread servings with pumpkin seeds creme and extra virgin oil topped with white truffle and on the side mushroom

Crispy cannelloni with half ricotta and half buffalo mozzarella in tasty pomodore and basil

Crispy classic lasagne

The wine in person, Barolo Conterno Monfortino riserva 2010

Carbonara redux here smoked tagliolini with ham jelly, pancetta crumble and shaven egg yolk

Flavorf... Chestnut lasagna with hare rague, bechamel sauce and white truffle

The infamous and wonderful saffron risotto with licorice powder

The less brother of another mother risotto with hops, mushroom and black garlic sorbet...awesome

When you lick your plate you get seconds

Veal tartare and white truffle with mayo

Now that’s a bone of bone marrow with tarragon, thyme and anis

Suckling roasted pig with pumpkin and white truffle


Hidden dessert part I

Hidden dessert part II upside down with creme brûlée with gold leafs

Fake mozzarella of mandola with extra virgin oil, capers and black olives