Dinner at Da Vittorio

Dinner at Da Vittorio

at Da Vittorio on 5 October 2018
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Classic Italian and wonderful dinner with razor sharp display of cooking skills

8 / 10

The table

Fake tomato of eggplant

Scallops taco

Bread nibbles

Fake cherry of foie gras and chocolate

Rose petals with shaven foie gras ice cream on almond sauce

Buffalo ricotta with pickled baby veggies on carrot/ginger sauce

Shrimp Bellini with champagne/mussels jelly and peach foam

Shabu shabu shrimps on gin jelly and lemon nitrogen cubes

Eggs medley of yolk, scrambled, salmon roe with potato foam topped with beluga caviar

Tuna crudo with potato cream and sesame ice cream on plum sauce

Amber jack with vongole/algae pesto in fish broth sauce with parsley, vanilla and orange

Baby cuttlefish on wasabi/avocado sauce

Veal fricassee on polenta with parmigiana foam and white truffle

The wine

With or without you pasta sauce of the famous pommodore and parmigiana served as scarpetta

Brest of duck

Loin of lamb with sweet onion sauce and purée

The cheese

Just blues

Pre greens of celeriac and apple

Spicy pineapple with coconut and caramel

Aftermath on candy floss

Classic Italian cake

Bon bon heaven

Sambucca and white chocolate