5th visit

Paulo Airuado keeps on pushing hard, he creates new dishes and refines some of his signature dishes.

The cuisine is modern and very flavourful. Most of the dishes are well calibrated and in their simplicity very powerful.

He must be on the radar of the Guide Michelin for a promotion to 2 stars.


Complete train wreck! How can someone create such an ambitious menu and then completely screw up in the execution. I have rarely experience such consistency in incompetence.


Another amazing dinner and evening with chef Petrov and his team. No matter, just two months have passed since my last visit, I'd say that the majority of items in the degustation menu were fully new and the rest re-made in a new way.

This time the focus was on fermentation into direction of milk, yogurt, different types of cheese, Yuba plus additionally... More


Austria’s highest ranking gourmet restaurant is located in the middle of the Stadtpark in Central Vienna. It is housed in a glass cube- building with a minimalistic but elegant decor.
The cuisine is traditional Austrian with chef Reitbauer’s innovative, modern cooking style.
This restaurant was on our bucket list for a while. We love Vienna, so... More


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