Yakitori Shinohara 焼鳥篠原 1st visit — relatively now yakitoriya, creative appetizers, juicy and tasty skewers (though on the saltier side), and good wine list. Definitely worth going back. •

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Ginza Ibuki ぎんざ 一二岐 1st visit — tucked away in a quiet back alley, this place has got some local charm. All the other guests at the counter were regulars. Spring ingredients in full swing, the bamboo shoots + squid + spring vegetable rice was delicious! •

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Tadenoha たでの葉 3rd visit — The signature nabe at the end featured kuma this time, first served shabu style with spring mountain vegetables, then as miso soup, and finally as the soup gets thicker, it was poured on top the bamboo shoot rice almost like gravy. Delicious as always. •

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Byo dinner featuring Ente. WOTN: 92 Meursault — Ente’s first vintage, intense and smoky nose, dense and powerful palate, very different from his current restrained style. Too bad 93 was corked and 00 was oxidized. 13 d’Auvenay Aligote was ready and expressively d’Auvenay on the nose but slightly tart on the palate, definitely needs more time.

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Reglisse レグリス 1st visit — quite decent French cuisine, very good wine service and byo friendly which is great for wine dinners. The duck two ways (en croute & confit) was classic and tasty •

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Tempura Kondo てんぷら近藤 1st visit — and most likely the last visit. Food was actually good, well balanced flavor and the texture was immaculate. However the service was disappointing (which is very rare in Japan), the vibe we got from the staff was that none of them wanted to be there. All the sake tasted like they have been opened for a... More

Ensui 炎水 1st visit — a new kappo restaurant by chef Itou san who trained at Ryugin. Open and spacious interior, wide counter built around the katsuoboshi slicer as Itou san believes dashi is the center element of kaiseki. The meal was quite traditional, with some innovative elements reminiscent of Ryugin. A few dishes were slightly under seasoned... More

Niku kappo Jo 肉割烹上 2nd visit — 1st visit was 4 years ago which I enjoyed a lot, and this time the food has gotten even more refined. The meal was wagyu focused but not too heavy, balanced with a few seasonal fish dishes. The dan dan noodle and beef curry rice were a great way to finish the meal. •

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Nihonbashi Sonoji 日本橋蕎ノ字 1st visit — a tempura restaurant also famous for its soba. Chef Suzuki san is from Shizuoka so he features ingredients and sake from his hometown. Very high quality tempura, perfect texture and full of flavors. Loved the tender and smoky venison tempura and the seasonal takenoko tempura. Soba was freshly made every... More

Aca 1 アカ1 first visit — one of the most highly rated Spanish restaurants recently moved from Kyoto to Tokyo. Chef Azuma san trained at Mirador de Ulia in Basque. Open kitchen showcases a charcoal grill and a wood burning stove. Well thought out menu featuring Japanese ingredients, not overly complicated but original dishes. The charcoal grilled... More

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