Imoto 井本 1st visit — loved the karasumi mochi, abalone & bamboo shoot soup and it was lovely to see some early spring mountain vegetables on the menu. Amazing sake selection too! •

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Tempura Uchitsu 天ぷらうち津 1st visit — beautiful decor with a Sakura and pine tree garden as backdrop. Chef was very nice and accommodating (booking agent made a mistake on reservation time but he let us in and watched him prepping). Loved the takenoko and shirauo tempura. The seaweed shabu was original and delicious. •

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Kasumicho Yamagami 霞町やまがみ 1st visit — previously Kasumicho Suetonius, after the Suetomi san closed the restaurant in 2018, then sous chef Yamagami san reopened it under his own name. Warm and homey setting, choice between seasonal ingredients (fugu in winter) and his signature suppon for the grilled course. For rice dish there’s also... More

Tempura Yaguchi 天ぷらやぐち 1st visit — Yaguchi san spent over 20 years training under Saotome san at Mikawa Zezankyo. His tempura is more modern and refined compared to the old master’s traditional and rustic style, although you can relate the two chefs from the signature anago dish. Everything was nicely done especially the shirauo, it... More

Higuchi 樋口 1st visit — this place definitely exceeded my expectations, possibly one of the best kaiseki experience in Tokyo so far. Traditional setting, great service, subtle and balanced flavors. Some rare & seasonal ingredients included whale tongue, nodoguro, meiji maguro and hiou (ice fish). Great sake selection too. Too bad no photos allowed... More

Some drinks over the two nights stay at the Hiramatsu Sengokuhara.
98 Chave drinking perfectly now, smoky, savory, solid dark fruit, ripe and fully resolved tannins, pronounced acidity.
A.E. Dor #9 — a truly amazing Cognac, made in 1914, spent half a century in oak casks and bottled in 1964. Well integrated alcohol, smooth and elegant... More

Restaurant Hommage オマージュ1st visit — really loved the artistic presentation of many of the dishes. Overall refined cuisine with classic ingredients. Definitely deserves its two Michelin stars •

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Sunday brunch with some fine bottles. First time tasting the 18 vintage from Tremblay and CLB. Both got ripe yet fresh nose, juicy fruit and soft spices. Though the CLB has got a slightly firmer structure, fuller palate and more energy. Curious how they will evolve.

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TexturA 1st visit — interesting concept of Chinese and Spanish fusion, tasty and well executed dishes. The duck shabu in mala hotpot was delicious. Although the meal was more of a combination of Chinese and Spanish dishes than a true fusion of the two cuisines. •

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Infinito Hiro インフィニート ヒロ 1st visit — innovative Italian, high quality food which exceeded my expectation, especially enjoyed the pasta dishes. Chef was very nice, tried to explain the dishes in English. Though the portions of a few dishes were a bit too big and the wine list has room for improvement. •

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