Onion goulash. Grilled leek with smoky lard; onion confit; spicy goulash paste. Another one that was deceptively packed with flavor.


Butter bread - steamed malt bread with black beer and chocolate, butter and herbs; whitefish caviar; cold potato cream and garlic. Oh boy... there was a ton going on with the moist bread vessels.


Mushrooms and creamy vegetable sauce; desiccated lettuce. The inspiration for this is a traditional Austrian dish of minced beef and cream, but here, mushrooms are deftly substituted... and loaded with umami.


Whitefish, marinade of caraway and herbs; corn and garlic broth. Excellent marriage of sweet and smoky.


Semolina dumpling, cheese foam, iced smoothie of various greens. The three parts are meant to be combined in each bite.


Various small nibbles. As you will see, the menu is lighter and vegetable-driven... which is a great antidote to my previous five substantial tasting menus.


Reduction of roasted vegetables. A broth made with parsley, celeriac & carrot. The same ingredients will come back at the end, completing a poetic circle.


Farm-to-table Austrian cuisine, with an emphasis on vegetables.
Michelin 2*


Avant-garde and surrealist visuals. A very theatrical experience, to say the least. The cuisine was created with great technical skill... with influences from Asia. A true feast for all of the senses!
Michelin 3*


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