Appetizer consisting of white currant, apple, cucumber, soured whole milk and perch roe - tested for @360eatguide

“Bread & cereals”
Shiso sorbet with salt & bay leaf oil
Candied salsify, apple, pistachio & date & a digestive of 20 + herbs
Lunch at @28posti in Milan. It is easy to spot the DNA of Noma here in Marco Ambrosino’s @ambrosino cooking and even plating, with a whole lot of fermenting going on, which is no bad thing. A... More

スタミナ中華セット / Stamina Chūka Set / Chūka Soba Tatami - Nihonbashi Kodemmachō, Tokyo

Stamina Chūka Soba is inspired by Ariran style ramen from Chiba Prefecture. Double soup is made from a pork, chicken and beef broth combined with a kombu, niboshi and vegetable soup. Noodles are by Asakusa Kaikarō. A popular way of eating is to dip... More

Tori Chataro とり茶太郎 1st visit — interesting to see both chicken and guineafowl being served. Loved the yolk/chicken wing/grilled cheese combination. The skewers were richly flavored but slightly drying. •

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Chocolate dumplings, frozen raspberries, pistachios & whiskey sauce
Tunworth, 28- months old comté, Valençay, Fourme D’Ambert
Tarte Tropézienne
Lunch at @claudebosi1 Oyster Bar. While briefly back in the UK to get my first vaccination jab in May, I tried of course to cram in as much food as possible during my 48 hours in that London.... More

Apurando el verano. (@[instagram] MAO, Mijas Costa). Una pena que la cocina no esté a la altura de la ubicación.

Some highlights of my amazing meal at Hiša Franko.
It’s impossible to list all the ingredients or dishes of this incredible trip through the whole world, while sitting at the table!
Even if it’s a mole, a mochi or an injera, it is still very Alpine and Slovenian! Ana Roš is alive and kickin‘, no pandemia is strong enough to break the DNA of... More

Manoir マノワ 1st visit — classic decor and French cuisine with focus on game. Both portion sizes and seasoning are on the heavier side for Japanese standard. Good value hearty meal and very decent wine list. •

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Esquina Mocotó

Av. Nossa Sra. do Lorêto, 1108 - Vila Medeiros, São Paulo - SP, 02219-001, Brazil

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