Great food, grumpy Chef. This is the only way to describe this place. One man show in a very casual settting. Some of the dishes are extraordinary, like his version of tripe. Served in a sour soup it has the best texture and taste I have ever had. Similarly great was the veal heart. Excellent food, and the Chef comes as side show.


Casual Kaiseki in Kyoto. Delicious food with some excellent seasonal dishes. White asparagus with sesame cream, shiro amadai (white horsehead) being the outstanding dishes of the menu.

Another Wakuden disciple, Harutoshi Kitsukawa. However he decided to forgo the high end dining scenes and opened in 2015 a very casual Izakaya, serving superb casual fare which changes daily.
Go there, look at the daily hand written menu and order as much as you possibly can eat. Everything will taste delicious and not one dish will set you back more... More


Back at Horai, since it was the second meal we stuck to the raw offerings. All great, well seasoned and flavoured. Interesting sashimi at Katsuo (bonito) with whale and Shirasu tempura.

This very casual izakaya has an astronomical tabelog rating. And trust me, for a good reason. Ogawa-san and his team produce very look competency fantastic and varied food. Go there and try to eat as much as possible of the daily menu which they draw up on the back board.
You will thank me!


Wonderful one man izakaya in the souther suburbs of Kyoto. The restaurant specialises on soft shell turtle which in the winter time are framed but from June on are wild specimen.
Beautiful plating and very flavourful dishes.

Back at the best Edomae sushi in Fukuoka. I love the style of Setsuo Funahashi. I also love his humble, gentle personality. He welcomes each guest with his warm personality. And he is a really good sushi chef.
His shari uses one special rice vinegar and he sources most of his neta locally.
A great place for a sushi meal for lunch or dinner.


Wonderful local place, for lunch there is a long line, for dinner there is a 2 year wait.
The food is simple, well sourced and cooked.
And then you pay ¥860 for lunch (and ¥5,000 for a 10 course dinner).
Only in Japan!

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