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Meat lovers heaven
We have noticed this place passing by and as it was early dinner time we have decided to try it. All fine Italian cold cuts were available, along with some homemade bread. We have ordered the meat selection for two and we could hardly finish the portion was so generous. It is a self service place, you order your food at the counter... More


Hard to beat
We have tried for nearly 6 month to book a table, when finally received the e-mail that our reservation was accepted. We got a lunch table, which we did not mind at all. From the start to the finish the tasting menu with drink pairing, the service and the ambiance blew us away.
Brave and adventurous cooking, with the respect of the great... More


Elysian Fields Farm “Carré d’Agneau" Holland Eggplant "Lasagnsa" Piperade and Armando Manni Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Flawless lunch.
p.s. The blue doors don't open.


"Small" seafood lunch in Stavanger with 2 of the 3 Norwegian Musketeers. Overwhelming seafood, staring with herring and then moving over to seafood platters which would put any great seafood bistro in France to shame.


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